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Woods and Finishes

Wood bears the “kiss of nature”. The character of your choice of wood species should be part of your decorating strategy. Color is only one factor. Different lumbers take the same stain in varied manners, accentuating or hiding the natural grain character.  Below you will find a few lumber species, each shown with differing stains to give you a better idea of their personality. Regenerating quickly, hiding carbon as it replenishes the air, wood is a natural product with tone variation within the same board. This is the “kiss of nature”.

Most of our lumber is Pike Brand Lumber from Akron, IN and comes from the forest of the Midwest. Our close to the tree approach saves you money while cherishing our environment. We hand apply stains then coat our woods and plywoods with sealers and a final coat of Catalyzed Varnish for a beauty that endures. You can feel and see the difference this time-honored process makes. Don’t see what you are looking for in a color? We regularly custom mix stain and finish colors to our clients tastes. Custom is literally our middle name.