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Your Truly Custom Solution

Design That Fits Your Needs

For more than 43 years, Warsaw Custom Cabinets has served Kosciusko and the surrounding north central Indiana counties’ builders, homeowners and businesses. Working with you by listening to your wishes and dreams enables us to create the space you will enjoy for years to come. Whether the project is new construction, a room remodel or addition, we can help.

Our Approach

How We Do What We Do

As skilled craftsmen, we hand select lumber and veneered plywood, cut, then assemble every piece of cabinetry that we make. We order only “Select and Better” grade lumber from sustainable-growth suppliers to ensure the future of our forests.

Our cabinet frames are double-doweled and glued to assure stability for years to come. The cabinet boxes are then built into those frames from veneered plywood and lumber panels for durability. Once assembled, we sand and stain by hand, inspecting every piece for quality and color. We finish each piece, inside and out, with a multiple-step process to create an enduring finish that allows each wood to speak its own language of beauty. Decorative hardware (handles/ knobs) and functional hardware (drawer slides, spice racks, hinges, etc) are attached to complete the piece. We install our own cabinets, assuring fit and finish in your location.

We continue to develop our craft through training. Craftsmenship is not an accident, it is an art.


Custom is as tailored to your space and tastes as it need be. Often clients bring sketches or pictures which we bring to life. We make something that we have never made before monthly.
Quality that endures always cost less. Our customers are often pleasantly surprised at the versatility that we offer for the price. We find our product competitively priced when fairly compared to other products. “We can make that” is heard often here.
Yes we can. The majority of our clients seek to make their space work overtime, because they do too! We outfit the spaces of older homes to utilize the ‘odd corners’ often found there without fillers and spacers. Look through the Gallery and you will find homes of all sizes and shapes. We fit your space and your taste with affordable quality.
No, all our cabinets are made to order. We do no keep certain items stocked, like a retail store.